Ditchling: A Craft Community

Ethel Mairet's Ditchling workshop Photo: Ethel Mairet’s workgirls and apprentices at her ‘Gospels’ workshop, Ditchling, in the 1930s; copyright © the Crafts Study Centre, and courtesy of VADS.

In 1921, the letter-cutter, sculptor, artist and writer Eric Gill founded an arts and crafts colony in Ditchling, East Sussex. Known as The Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic, it was a unique experiment in communal life in the early twentieth century, and survived until 1989.

This month we highlight descriptions for the Ditchling collections held by The Crafts Study Centre, which are especially rich in the work of the calligrapher Edward Johnston (1872-1944) and the weaver and dyer Ethel Mairet (1872-1952).