1. A really helpful analysis Jane. One issue we’ve found is that a lot of our creators don’t appear in VIAF, mainly because they are not authors in the usual sense. We’ve been adding Wikidata Q codes to our name authorities as these often already exist and if they don’t we can create the codes ourselves. Are Q codes useful to the Hub?

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks! Yes, I should have mentioned that. I have been in touch with VIAF to propose that they could take names from the Archives Hub…but whether they would want names of people who have not published or would not be represented elsewhere I don’t know. Anyway, they did say to get back to them in the future.
      We have not yet got into Wikidata, mainly because we haven’t started our Names work, and the intended name records and links….but we will definitely be looking at hooking up with Wikidata. The fact that you can create codes is great…although how do they prevent people creating codes for entities that already exist?

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