The Big Wheel: Second Spin

THE BIG DRAW. The Campaign for Drawing This October the Archives Hub is taking part in The Big Draw. We want you to make drawings on the themes of Fairgrounds and Playgrounds, or Cycling, or Recycling. Scan or photograph your drawing, and then email the digital version to us. We’ll post your pics here each Friday. And we’ll give an Archives Hub notepad and propelling pencil to everyone who sends us a drawing, and the first name out of the cycle helmet will receive colouring pens, a pencil case and a notepad – all made from recycled car tyres! If you send us your postal address, we won’t use it for anything else.

1. Cyclist
This is a detail of a RoSPA leaflet from 1954. Photo courtesy the University of Liverpool Library, and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Copyright © RoSPA. Submitted by Paddy: "I’ve recycled this from the Collections of the Month about cycling."

L.P. record label for 'Steam Carnival on Tour'
2. Mr Pickwick
Label for the Pickwick fairground music LP ‘Radcliffe’s Steam Carnival on Tour’. Submitted by Paddy: "I found this in a charity shop years ago. The label includes a drawing of Mr Pickwick, so it still counts!"