A useful list of social networking sites

Sometimes it can feel as if there are an overwhelming amount of sites that are all apparently about making life easier! Well, I’ve just been looking at 25 Useful Social Networking Tools for Librarians (thanks to Amy S Quinn) which provides a good starting point if you are feeling a bit confused about the whole thing. I think its a really useful list – I have used 12 of these sites (not bad eh!) and of those I reckon I use 9 regularly.

I particularly like using Flickr and Slideshare because they do provide great ways to share resources – so they can actually really save you time. My favourite is probably Netvibes which I use for my personalised homepage – I can bring together links to my most used sites (including Wikipedia), feeds from blogs, the Archives Hub search box (of course) and other useful or entertaining information such as weather reports and Daily Dilbert. Netvibes really is easy to set up and I find it very helpful to have all of this information organised how I want it in one place.

I’m off now to check out ‘Daft Doggy‘…