The Big Draw 2008: The Big Wheel

THE BIG DRAW. The Campaign for Drawing This October (2008) the Archives Hub is taking part in The Big Draw. We want you to make drawings on the themes of Fairgrounds and Playgrounds or Cycling and Recycling. Scan or photograph your drawing, and then email the digital version to us. We’ll post your pics here each Friday. And we’ll give an Archives Hub notepad and propelling pencil to everyone who sends us a drawing, and the first name out of the cycle helmet will receive colouring pens, a pencil case and a notepad – all made from recycled car tyres! If you send us your postal address, we won’t use it for anything else.
Ferris wheel design for A.I.
Above Concept drawing by Chris Baker for a submerged ferris wheel for the film Artificial Intelligence: AI, originally developed by Stanley Kubrick and realised by Steven Spielberg after Kubrick’s death in 1999. From the Stanley Kubrick Archive. Image provided by University of the Arts London with all rights reserved by the respective owners and reproduced with the permission of the Stanley Kubrick Estate. Submitted by Karyn Stuckey, Archivist.