• Archives of the Erskine Hospital Ltd, veterans charity, Renfrewshire, Scotland: June 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the official opening of Erskine Hospital, Scotland. Founded as a military convalescence facility for servicemen who had lost limbs in the First World War, it has continued to care for ex-Service men and women. The University of Glasgow received an award from the Wellcome Trust to catalogue and preserve the records of Erskine.
  • The Basque child refugee archive: In May 1937 approximately 4,000 children, came to Southampton on board the Habana from Santurzi/Santurce, fleeing the Spanish Civil War and its consequences. Special Collections at the Hartley Library, University of Southampton, hold a range of Basque child refugee collections.
  • The Editorial Correspondence of C.P. Scott in the Guardian archive: The University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library recently completed cataloguing the editorial correspondence of Charles Prestwich Scott, Editor of the Guardian newspaper for 57 years, comprising nearly 13,000 items from over 1,300 correspondents.
  • The Nuclear Disarmament Symbol sketches: The nuclear disarmament symbol, often known as the ‘peace sign’, is a modern icon, used by protestors and activists across the world and provoking powerful emotions. Special Collections at the University of Bradford is home to the original sketches of this extraordinary design.
  • Archive of Recorded Church Music: In 1902 the first ever gramophone record by an English robed choir of gentlemen and boys, singing in the English Cathedral tradition, was issued. The Archive of Recorded Church Music was formed 15 years ago to collect and research the many thousands of recordings produced since then.
  • The archives of Horrockses, cotton manufacturers of Preston: This large collection of business records relating to the Horrockses cotton firm was first deposited at Lancashire Archives in 1969, and has proved popular with researchers throughout the last half century.





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