Feature: Archives of Nostell Priory and the Winn Family
Exploring British Design: Interface Design Principles
Feature: Capturing the Energy – Oil and Gas Archive at Aberdeen University
Feature: Continuity of Care – The Royal Scottish National Hospital
Europeana Tech 2015: focus on the journey
Feature: Exhibitions at the Shakespeare Institute: seeing beyond the book shelves
Archives Hub Features showcase


Big Data, Small Data and Meaning
Exploring British Design: Research Paths
Exploring British Design: New Routes Through Content
Feature: Engineering and Innovation During the First World War
WikiLinks (guest blog post by Andy Young)
Feature: Kettle’s Yard Archive
Micro Sites: Local Interfaces for Archives Hub Contributors
Feature: Swords into Ploughshares  (Peace organisations)
Feature: The Anti-Apartheid Movement
Exploring British Design: An introduction (AHRC research project)
Feature: A Spring in your Step (dance and dancers)
Feature: 250 and counting!: The Hub reaches 250 contributors
A European Journey: The Archives Portal Europe
Feature: Be My Valentine
Feature: Barclays Group Archives
EAD and Next Generation Discovery The use of EAD to enhance discovery


We’re Supporting ‘Explore Your Archive’  About the Archives Hub and the breadth of collections
Digital Humanities: Patterns, Pictures and Paradigms  Digital Humanities conference at The University of Manchester
The Archives Hub, Swedish Business, Welsh Steel and British Banks  a visit from Swedish archivists talking about their approach to business archives and presentations on Barclays Archive and Business Archives Development in Wales
Archives Hub Feature: Lionel Robbins’ Papers at LSE
Archives Hub Feature: Long Live the Art School. The history of tertiary art education in Surrey
Archives Hub and VIAF Name Matching. The challenges of matching names in archival descriptions to other datasets.
Archives Hub Feature: Sentimental Journey – A Focus on Travel in the Archives
Facing the Music: Are Researchers and Information Professionals Dancing to Different Tunes? Presentation from ELAG 2013
ICT and the Student Experience. Refers to a HEFCE study on technology and learning.
In With the New: Open, Flexible and User-Centered. The 2013 Eduserv Symposium on new skills sets, new modes of engagement and new ways of working.
Interoperability, Data Sharing and Standards. Choice of format and implications for interoperability.
Supporting Historians: Responding to Changing Research Practices. Refers to an ITHAKA report on the research practices of historians.
The Shape of Knowledge. Thoughts on the Dewey Decimal System, approaches to cataloguing and the organisation of knowledge.
With a Little Help from the Interface. Creating effective interfaces, the challenges of presenting archives and the Archives Hub website.


An Evaluation of the Use of Archives and the Archives Hub. Based upon a report presenting the results of the evaluation of our innovative Linked Data interface.
Finding and Accessing Archives for Voluntary Action History. Guest blog post on the history and archives of voluntary, civic and cultural organisations.
The New Scholarly Record. Based on a keynote presentation by Herbert van de Sompel at EmTACL 2012 on the infrastructure for scholarly communication.
Archives and the Researchers of Tomorrow. Refers to a 2009 study on the information-seeking and research behaviour of doctoral students.
Excel Template. On our template created for those wishing to catalogue in Excel and transform into EAD.
The Modern Archivist: Working with People and Technology.
Big Data: What’s It All About?
Open Up!
Linking Cultural Heritage Data
Creating Name Authorities
Making Headway with Importing Descriptions from Different Systems