Themed Collections Data Submission Form

    Themed Collections are curated collections of digital resources, such as a multi-archive digitisation project or a theme-based aggregation. The descriptions include links to the websites that provide access to this primary source content. Please see for more details.

    We welcome submissions of Themed Collections. Please use the form below to submit your description. Contact if you have any questions or are experiencing any problems submitting your data. Please note that data submitted to the Archives Hub is subject to our Open Data licence.

    We suggest you create a local copy of your collection data to paste into this form.

    Collection Title (required)
    Add a short ‘tag line’ if the title is not reasonably self explanatory, up to a maximum of 100 characters.

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    Add languages from the list below. If the language you require is not in the list, you will need to contact us in order to add it to the description.

    Collection size
    An estimate of size is useful. It can be omitted if it is not appropriate for the resource. Please indicate the unit e.g. items, boxes etc.

    Material Types (select all that apply)
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    Additional Material Types
    Further terms can be found from the Art and Architecture Thesaurus and the Thesaurus of Graphic Materials.

    Repository (required)
    Name of the institution or organisation who provides the website through which material can be accessed.

    Description of the collection (required)
    What is the collection about? what sort of things are in it? Put the text within opening <p> and closing </p> tags to indicate paragraphs. Please add additional <p> and closing </p> tags for additional paragraphs.

    How can this collection be used in teaching, studying and research?
    You may wish to give advice and guidance about the benefits of the collection.

    Collection website (required)
    The site through which the user accesses the materials. Use the full URL.

    Related Collections
    Provide links to archive collections that are related to this Themed Collection. These can be links to Archives Hub descriptions or to other sites, as long as you can provide a persistent URL. Archives Hub ‘direct links’ are provided in the core information for all descriptions, at all levels of description.

    Select the thesauri from the list and enter the term. For LCSH sub-divisions please use double dashes e.g. War -- History -- 19th century. More information on classification schemes at LCSH, Unesco, UKAT (one subject term per textbox):

    Personal Names
    Add personal names that feature significantly in this collection. E.g. Newton, Sir Isaac, 1643-1727

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    Family Names
    Add family names that feature significantly in this collection. E.g. Rothschild family


    Organisation Names
    Add organisational names that feature significantly in this collection. E.g. Board of Longitude

    Organisation Name:
    Organisation Name:
    Organisation Name:
    Organisation Name:
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