Bethan Ruddock

Bethan RuddockBethan is involved in content development activity for both the Archives Hub and Copac. She is currently working with Jane on a year-long project to help expand the coverage of the Archives Hub through the refinement of our automated data import routines. Bethan also undertakes a range of outreach and promotional activities, collaborating with Lisa on a number of publications. She also contributes to the Archives Hub blog.

A newly minted librarian, Bethan joined Mimas in 2008 when she started working with Copac to incorporate specialist libraries. Through her current work for the Hub, she is rapidly developing expertise in EAD, and working with Jane Stevenson to conduct training for archivists.

Bethan is actively involved in the SLA (Special Libraries Association), and in 2010 has been selected by the SLA committee as a Rising Star of the association, an award that recognises newer members of the association who have made significant contributions.