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In With the New: open, flexible, user-centered

The 2013 Eduserv Symposium, was held in the impressive (and very much ‘keep in with the old’) surroundings of One Great George Street in Westminster, the home of the Institute of Civil Engineers. ‘In with the New’ covered new skills … Continue reading

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Interoperability, data sharing and standards

I recently spoke at the CILIP MmIT group conference, where I inflicted EAD on a group of unsuspecting librarians. Not just EAD, but MARC and MODS XML and even some Linked Data. They may have said it was a bit … Continue reading

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A Web of Possibilities

“Will you browse around my website”, said the spider to the fly, ‘Tis the most attractive website that you ever did spy” All of us want to provide attractive websites for our users. Of course, we’d like to think its … Continue reading

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The Standard Bearers

We generally like standards. Archivists, like many others within the information professions, see standards as a good thing. But if that is the case, and we follow descriptive standards, why aren’t our collection descriptions more interoperable? Why can’t users move … Continue reading

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